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Here’s what I do

Photography Sessions

At the heart of my business. I have a selection of packages or can customise a shoot to meet your specific requirements, It’s all for the making.

Digital Media Workflow & Support​

You’ve got an awesome set of images, now what do you do? I’ve helped clients manage their digital media and post-production workflow for online, ecommerce channels and printing . I can customise & treat your images to suit your brand. and upskill your team so you can bring this work in-house.​

Editorial Commissions

If there is a story to tell, let me do it visually for you. I have a number of personal projects on the go but always interested in more.​

Training & Tuition

From 1-2-1 tuition on SLRs and photo editing in Lightroom and Photoshop, to building a customised digital media workflow for your business, I can tailor training to meet your needs.​

Photography Sessions


Selected packages below. I can also create one tailored to your specific requirements. Just ask!


Perfect for Portraits
£ 145
per session


Portraits & more
£ 299
per session


Lifestyle & Branding
£ 499
per session

All of the packages include:

Frequently asked

Why photography Kirrily?

Well, I’ve been taking photos since I was five. I graduated to a ‘real’ SLR camera in my early 20s and I never looked back. I’m obsessed. 

Yeah OK but are you qualified?

I’m a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography (A+s all the way). I’ve also got a Business degree, 20+ years experience in working with IT (have you tried using an SLR? Lightroom? Photoshop? It’s technical!) and I’ve taken around 100,000 photos over the last 10 years.

What kind of photos do you take? What’s your speciality?

Having tried a few genres of photography, nothing makes me happier than photographing people. I do environmental portraiture and I’m interested in working with anyone who has a story to tell. I’ve worked with creators, makers, independent businesses, bigger businesses, schools, mum’s & dad’s, kids & pets. I love working in messy studios, busy shops, noisy homes and pretty much anywhere outdoors. And if you are looking for a slightly different take on family shoot, I’m all ears. But if you are looking for someone to put your newborn in an Anne Geddes style pumpkin / basket set up, sorry but I’m not your girl.

In this digital age, how will I receive my images?

Digitally silly! You’ll get access to your online client gallery and can download your images from there. If you’d like your images posted to you on a USB, then that can be arranged too. The files are high resolution and usually too big for emailing.

I need a few different image sizes – is this OK? What if I want black & white as well as colour?

No problemo. We’ll agree upfront what you need and I’ll happily deliver the same image in multiple formats as requested. For example, if you are building a website, you might need your images delivered in multiple ratios, file sizes, colour treatments etc. Thanks to the magic of Lightroom, this is fairly straightforward.

Do I own the copyright? Can I use the images you take for any purpose?

Copyright law as it pertains to photography is a long and boring read. Don’t worry – when we agree a shoot and sign the contract, you receive restricted usage rights – this convoluted term means you are free to use the photos however you wish – on your website, social media, printing, stationary etc. However, you would not be able to sell the images or license them to someone else – the photographer always retains the original copyright of the images she takes. If you need something different, give me a shout and we’ll work out what is possible together.

Will you make me look fabulous even if I’m having a bad hair day?

Beauty is more than skin deep and it’s my job to bring that out in you. That said, I’m happy to make some minor adjustments in Photoshop to smooth out skin tones, remove temporary blemishes, untidy hair etc. I’ll also remove wall sockets if they end up in the shot. I HATE wall sockets in photos – they just bug me. Please, please, please don’t ask me to make your nose smaller or your boobs bigger because I wont. Sorry, not sorry.

Can you print images?

I don’t currently offer printing services but would be happy to recommend printers who cut the mustard and can meet your requirements. Believe me, I’ve been through my fair share and it can be tough finding good ones.

I’m a budding photographer – can you help me get started? And also, how the !$%£* do I use Lightroom & Photoshop?!

If Santa brought you a shiny new SLR for Christmas, then congratulations! You’ve taken your first step towards photographic glory. Now, we just need to get you off the auto settings to unleash your full photography prowess. I offer 1-to-1 sessions tailored to your specific experience level. Sessions are 2 hours minimum (trust me, it will fly by). And if you had your SLR for a while and don’t feel like your progressing, let me help you. I also teach Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop – like it or not, these two go hand-in-hand in the digital photo age. I can tailor a post-production workflow that works for you. See the prices section for more info on these services.

This is all fabulous! So how do we make a booking with you?

Just send me an email or fill in the enquiry form. We’ll work out a time that suits you and write it in our diaries. I’ll send you a simple contract to sign and then we’ll get cracking. A £50 deposit will be needed before the work starts and the balance will be due upon delivery of the images. I can’t wait to work with you!

You’ve not answered my question!

Eek! I’ve exhausted myself coming up with this list but if you have any other questions, please just email me at and I’ll get back to you. Thank you!

Let’s create authentic images that tell your story!